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    Eyewear maintenance

    1. Use both hands when taking your glasses on or off. Do not use one hand as it may bend the frame.

    2. Always place your glasses on a level surface, place them with the lenses face upwards. Otherwise, the surface of your lenses may be damaged.

    3. Do not use shirt, handkerchief or tissue to wipe dirty lenses. Use lens cleaning cloth, wipe gently in one direction.

    4. Do not wear glasses in sauna or steam bath nor expose to hot steam or boiling water. Exposure to such conditions may crack the coating or warp the lenses.

    5. Keep your glasses away from sunlight. Do not leave them on car dashboard or by the window under direct sunlight or other heat sources.

    6. Deformed frames could add pressure on your nose or ears. Do come back for aftercare service, ultra-sonic cleaning and adjustment.

    7. Wash the lens with diluted dish washing detergent and rinse off with tap water. Do not wipe dirty lenses without rinsing first.

    8. When you have to carry your glasses with you, place them in a spectacle case.


    Glasses and sunglasses continue to be comfortable for years to come and promotes good vision.

    Glasses will be professionally adjusted, so they will always look and feel as new as possible.

    Service 1
    Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

    Your eyewear can become loose or worn over time, but this service ensures your spectacles will remain comfortable and looking its best for years to come. Keep your eyewear looking and feeling new with Paris Miki’s ultrasonic clean and adjustment services, available in all Paris Miki outlets.

    Apart from cleaning, this service also includes adjustments or minor repairs where possible. A lifetime service offer complimentary to our valued customers, this is the Paris Miki difference.


    Glasses and sunglasses continue to be comfortable for years to come, ensuring and promoting good vision.

    Glasses will be professionally adjusted, so they will always look and feel new.

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    Nose Pad Change

    Nose pads for glasses & sunglasses often degrade with time and wear, requiring replacement to maintain adequate comfort and adjustment of the eyeglass frame. Quite often, one or both nose pads get dislodged from the eyewear frame, also requiring replacement. Paris Miki offers replacement nose pads for simple eyeglass repair and maintenance at all outlets. Freshen up your frames with screw-on, push-on, or slide-on nose pads to keep your glasses hygienic and comfortable to wear.


    Adjusts your frames for a proper fit Keeps your glasses hygienic and comfortable

    Service 1
    Eye Screening Examination

    Eye screening is an integral part of eye care and health, enabling early detection of potentially sightthreatening eye conditions. Paris Miki offers various tests which can detect changes and abnormalities in the eyes, including myopia (shortsightedness), presbyopia (ageing eyes), cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy


    • Visual Acuity
    ➢ Tests for distance vision and near vision
    • Refraction by Optometrist
    ➢ Tests for the refractive power of your eyes, used in determining your prescription for spectacles and/ or
    contact lens
    • Amsler Grid test
    ➢ Detects any abnormalities in the macula, which is responsible for central vision
    • Air Puff Tonometry
    ➢ Measures eye pressure using a non-contact device
    • Colour vision test
    ➢ Tests for any congenital colour defect

    • Slit lamp examination
    ➢ Detects abnormalities on the front part of the eye, mainly the cornea and lens.
    • Undilated Retinal Evaluation
    ➢ Detects abnormalities in the optic nerve, macula and retina by assessing a photograph of the back part of
    the eye

    Disclaimer: While we strive to give our customers the best-possible service, eye screening only checks for
    specific conditions. Visiting a licensed eye specialist is recommended when a comprehensive examination is
    needed or if there are specific symptoms to be checked.